“When I met you, I was impressed by your demeanor.  I believe you to be a person of integrity with high moral and ethical values.  I found you to be extremely professional and capable, yet compassionate.  I have been very fortunate in my lifetime not to yet require the services of an attorney.  However, I am currently looking for a family attorney, as I know that there may be a time in the future that I need legal advice and/or assistance.  I really don’t want to open the yellow pages.  I would like to know if you are taking new clients.” – Donna Doughty

“With great appreciation I would like to say thank you for all your help.  You have been an awesome tool of my deliverance from the greatest difficulty of my life.  I wish you blessings for your life and career.  I hope that you will be able to help others that are in hopeless situations, as you were able to help me.  I also want you to know that words cannot express my gratitude toward you.  Thank you.”

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