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Denver Colorado Family Law Attorney

The Springsteen Law Firm has a main office in Denver, Colorado, and a satellite location in Lakewood, Colorado. The firm offers a full range of family law services devoted to helping people with divorce and non-divorce concerns. We believe that the best results often come from a fully involved client. The firm seeks to educate clients about their legal situations. This education allows clients to make informed decisions about their case. This education also provides for communication in the attorney-client relationship.

Please contact the firm to arrange a consultation in any of the following areas:

Divorce: People often do not know what to expect after they or their spouse has filed for divorce. The firm encourages clients to communicate and be involved in the process. This approach can ensure clients are fully informed and their concerns are fully addressed.

Legal Separation: The reasons for a legal separation can range from a couple wanting a time of trial separation to one party wanting to be financially separated from his or her spouse.

Property & Debt Division: California is a community property state. Anything that is acquired during the marriage (debt included) will be considered in the division of property. The firm represents clients who are concerned about the fair division of property, assets, and debt.

Child Custody & Visitation: Most judges strive for arrangements that give each parent frequent and continuing contact with the children. Everyone involved should be working toward the best interest of the children.

Child Support: The firm represents custodial and non-custodial parents who are concerned about child support payment amounts. California uses a child support formula; the formula can be deviated from if both parties are in agreement.

Judgment / Order Modification & Enforcement: Issues that require modification or enforcement generally involve child support and child custody. The firm represents clients who are both seeking to make changes or enforcements and clients who are contesting these issues.

Paternity: Paternity can become a highly technical area involving DNA and other testing. The firm represents clients in issues that involve unmarried parents, parental rights, child support, and other issues.

Adoption & Guardianship: The firm offers a full range of adoption services including baby adoption, step-parent adoption, and relative adoptions. The firm also represents clients with a variety of guardianship issues.

Domestic Violence: The firm represents victims of domestic violence and people who are facing allegations of abuse. This is a serious matter that can impact people’s futures, finances, and access to their children.

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