Allocation of Parental Responsibilities (Custody):

Colorado¬†law has replaced the word “custody” with “allocation of parental responsibilities.”¬† Allocation of parental responsibilities includes both decision-making responsibilities and parenting time arrangements.¬† There are many ways in which to allocate parental responsibilities.

We understand that the issues clients bring to our office involving allocation of parental responsibilities are often the nearest and dearest issues to their hearts. We believe it is our job to be honest and compassionate toward clients. We also believe it is our job to aggressively represent our clients’ interests. We give our clients the support and legal backing to fight for the best interests of their children and for their parental rights, and the leadership to do so effectively, wisely, and diplomatically.  We recognize how emotional custody issues can be, and we strive to replace insecurity with confidence.  Clients of the Springsteen Law Firm, LLC appreciate this approach during divorce and other proceedings concerning allocation of parental responsibilities.  We want our clients to achieve long-lasting and satisfying results.

Parenting Time Arrangements/Decision-Making Responsibilities:
Allocation of parental responsibilities can allow for joint decision-making or sole decision-making regarding decisions about the children’s lives including school, health care, religion, and other issues.  Some arrangements allow one parent to have  decision-making responsibility about academic decisions and another parent to make decisions about religion.  There are many ways to construct a parenting plan, both amicably and through the courts.

There are also many ways to construct a parenting time plan.  Some parents elect to spend equal time with the children, while others may elect one or the other to be the primary residential parent.  The court system generally encourages frequent and continuing contact with both parents. However, issues such as drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence, and physical abuse can alter the court’s decisions.

The firm generally encourages clients to work out decision-making and parenting time arrangements on their own terms, with the attorneys facilitating the process. However, if the parties are unable to agree, the parties are usually ordered to mediation. In mediation, the parents will work toward a parenting agreement. The firm has found that the best results often come from a fully involved client and parents who work out their own plan rather than requiring the Court to do so. Being proactive in the process can ensure your needs and interests are fully represented, and we strive to achieve this with you.

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