Legal Separation

Have you and your spouse decided to learn more about marriage separation? Has your marriage come to an end, but you wish to stay married for various reasons? A legal separation is generally advisable when parties want to stay married for religious, economic, or other reasons. Legal separation may also be advisable for couples who need to set boundaries for spending, drinking, drug use, or other problems. The Springsteen Law Firm represents clients who are interested in legal separation.

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Legal Separation is Different Than a Divorce
The firm highly encourages clients to communicate and be involved in the process. This approach can ensure clients are fully informed, their concerns are fully addressed, and the marital separation agreement is satisfying. A marital separation agreement provides the same directives for the end of the relationship as does a marital settlement agreement. However, a divorce settlement allows both parties to remarry. A legal separation, although legally separating the parties, does not allow either to remarry.

Why Do People Choose Legal Separation?
Of course, married couples have various reasons for a legal separation. Some of these reasons can include:

The parties wish to separate their finances.
The parties wish to remain married for religious purposes.
One party is trying to set boundaries for another party. This can occur in situations of excessive financial problems, alcohol abuse, or drug abuse.
The parties are undecided about a divorce and are interested in a trial separation.

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