Many people are often unsure of what to expect after they or their spouse has filed for divorce. This uncertainty, combined with worries about child custody and property issues, can leave many people concerned about their futures and looking for answers. The dissolution of marriage involves disassembling a life that was put together with another person. The Springsteen Law Firm provides clients with a full range of legal services designed to adequately address these concerns.

Marital Settlement Agreements
We strive to reach marital settlement agreements without litigation. We are very aware of the emotional and financial strain that litigation can cause. However, if a settlement cannot be reached, we will not hesitate to vigorously represent our clients in divorce court. The divorce settlement will cover issues such as:

Property and debt division: In Colorado, property, assets, and debts that are acquired throughout the course of the marriage will be distributed equitably. Alimony (spousal support) may be awarded in long marriages (generally ten years or more) and due to certain property issues.

Child custody and visitation: The courts generally favor arrangements that allow children to spend time with both parents. This can be settled between parties but may pass through court-ordered mediation if the parties cannot agree on the schedule. Children and divorce issues are often the most contentious, and the firm strives to protect clients’ rights while looking out for the best interests of the children.

Child support: Parents are obligated to provide for the needs of their children. Child support in Colorado is based on a guideline that factors in income of both parents, time spent with the children, living expenses, and other issues.

Paternity: Married and unmarried parents alike may encounter the question of a child’s paternity. The firm is experienced in the technical and legal areas of DNA paternity testing.

Domestic violence: This is a sensitive issue that can involve valid claims of abuse as well as false allegations. The firm works with clients on both points of the issue to ensure their rights are protected.

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